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Growing up in Sierra Leone my grandmothers believed in the healing and moisturizing power of "Ori" known in the Western World as Shea Butter. Shea Butter was there go to product when you were ashy, cold due to being sick or the "Harmattan'' winds or you had what they termed as "body pain" they would lather you down with Shea butter sometimes mixed with other products.

Years ago, two things happened simultaneously, I decided to go "Natural" and every hair salon I walked into used Shea Butter to lock in moisture and I developed Psoriasis, which left my skin dry and scaly in some areas. As Shea Butter was accessible, I decided to save some money and make my own products.

I started to research the properties of Shea butter and discovered it had a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids making it extremely nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, in addition to promoting healing of the skin for Eczema and Psoriasis.   This quickly became a passion as I experimented with a body butter line for my skin that included other butters, with the hydrating carrier and essential oils.  The body butters, which are 50% Shea butter, became my savior as my skin became moisturized and hydrated and further led to my Psoriasis becoming nonexistent in most areas. I encouraged my family, friends, and workmates, which included a diverse population of gender, different skin types, races and ages to try the range of "flavors" and based on their feedback made improvements to the product.

My passion is now available to share with the world as my "Orree" line of scented and unscented butters to  nourish, balance and hydrate your skin can now be purchased.  I have come full circle and the "child" finally sees the legacy their grandmothers were trying to impart to them.


- Daphne Williams




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